Fixed Dentures

Implant supported fixed dentures vs removable dentures.

Losing your teeth doesn’t mean you have to lose your smile. Dr. Richard Goldberg is a Monroe Township cosmetic dentist offering many smile-restoring solutions, including bridgework, crowns, porcelain veneers and fixed dentures in Spotswood. For people who have lost all their teeth or are missing entire dental arches, fixed dentures may be an optimal solution to restore form and functionality.

How Fixed Dentures Work

All-on-Four.Fixed dentures are rooted into your gums by cylindrical dental implants that mimic the root structure of your teeth. Each implant is crafted from titanium, a durable metal that can fuse to living bone. Titanium has been used in implants for more than 50 years and proven safe for long-term wear. Depending on a patient’s mouth and jaw structure, between four and six implants are needed to secure a fixed dental arch.

A Simple Procedure With Expert Treatment

For most patients, dental implant surgery is a simple procedure that’s performed in an office setting. Before surgery, Dr. Goldberg meticulously plans the location of each implant to maximize support of your new fixed dentures and to steer clear of any nerves. The procedure itself follows a few key steps:

  • Dr. Goldberg numbs the areas in which the implants will be inserted.
  • Existing teeth that need to come out are removed.
  • After the numbing stage is completed, Dr. Goldberg places each implant.

All in all, the procedure usually takes between one to three hours to complete. Aftercare usually consists of following a diet of soft, bland foods during the healing period. This is to promote proper osseointegration, during which the implants fuse to your jawbone. Most patients should allow around three months for this process to complete.

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