Fighting Cavities After Halloween

Fighting Cavities After Halloween
Posted on 10/12/2017

Halloween might be a night filled with trick or treating and candy, but that shouldn’t mean your teeth should be worse for wear afterward. After all, October is also National Dental Hygiene Month! We know it’s nearly impossible to avoid Halloween candy altogether, but there are some things you can do to minimize cavities and give your teeth a fighting chance at getting through Halloween in one piece!

Set a Candy Schedule

Going overboard with preventing your kids from overeating candy after Halloween can often result in your little ones being mischievous and trying to steal candy. A better idea is to schedule when your child can and can’t eat candy. Talking with your child about making a candy plan before they go out is another good idea so they aren’t surprised when you put it in a place where they can’t get it. You can also prevent sugar overload by giving your child a smaller bag for candy. After the container has been filled, chances are your child will feel like they just had a huge haul this Halloween, but you’ll have some solace in knowing it’s not that much. Once they bring their haul in for the night, divvy out what they can have that night and put the rest away for safekeeping.

Once Halloween is officially over, you can begin giving out candy however you see fit, Although, Dr. Goldberg and his dental team in Monroe Township, NJ have a few tips for you:

  • Schedule candy time for after meals. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), this time is best because your mouth is still producing saliva and can help wash away any candy or sugary bits once they're done eating.
  • Set a fixed schedule of when they can and can’t have their candy. Making a plan will do two things, first, it prevents your children from “grazing,” which is when you simply eat candy or snacks because they’re available. Secondly, your child will know when they can and can’t have candy so they will be less likely to go and sneak some when you aren’t looking.

Trade Candy in For Prizes

Another great way to keep your kids away from eating sweet treats and their teeth cavity-free is to monetize it! Treat their treats like money that they can exchange for other toys and prizes you can get for them. You can also make some candy worth more than others, so it also becomes an exercise in math. A bonus to exchanging candy for prizes is you can eat it yourself and not feel guilty about stealing your kid's bounty!

Don’t Brush Right After Eating candy

This might sound contradictory for a Dental office to say, but you should not brush your teeth directly after eating candy. Acidic and sugary foods and drinks can soften your enamel. If you brush immediately after eating something acidic or sweet like candy, you may end up harming your enamel even more. A better idea is to have your child drink plenty of water while they're eating their candy. Drinking water will allow for the enamel to stay intact but still help get the sugar off.

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We hope that these tips help you and your child conquer Halloween, cavity free! Remember, the best way to keep you and your kid's cavity-free is by visiting Dr. Goldberg regularly. If you or your child are coming up on your next dental appointment and haven’t made your appointment yet, contact us today. We look forward to seeing you soon!