Healthy Summertime Snacks For Teeth

Healthy Summertime Snacks For Teeth
Posted on 05/15/2017

Summertime is almost here, and with fun in the sun comes snacking. At the office of Dr. Richard Goldberg, we want our young patients to have a wonderful and fun summer, but not at the expense of their oral health. Instead of serving pizza, chips, and other unhealthy snacks, we've provided some teeth-friendly treats for kids that they'll love just as much. 

Banana Nice Cream

Kids of all ages will love this combination of two favorite flavors - bananas and peanut butter. This healthy treat includes a number of minerals (potassium, manganese, copper) and vitamins (B6, C) that are good for teeth and gums. Plus bananas won’t stick to your teeth. Peanut butter is packed with protein to fill you up, but opt for the natural varieties with less sugar. In the end, it can be a great substitute for ice cream or pudding.

2 large bananas, sliced and frozen
1 cup unsweetened plain soymilk
2 tablespoons creamy almond butter or peanut butter

Put bananas, soymilk and almond butter into a blender. Purée, turning off the motor and stirring the mixture two or three times, until smooth and creamy. Pour into two bowls and serve.

Source: Whole Foods Market

Whole Grain Cracker Sandwiches

This simple and easy to make combination packs all kinds of tooth-healthy nutrients for you and your family. Whole grain crackers have fiber and minerals. Cheese contains calcium to build bones and teeth. And, turkey offers proteins that benefit enamel and hinder plaque build-up.

Whole Grain Crackers
Lunch Meat - turkey

Really not needed. Simply stack into mini cracker sandwiches.

Source: Simple As That

The Creamy Caterpillar

This little healthy treasure is a perfect “art” project for you and your children or grandchildren. They will love eating it as much as they loved making it. Get more calcium with a little soft cheese, which is also soft on the teeth. Cut up a green apple for that crisp “second toothbrush” benefit for your teeth, cleaning the bacteria away. And, the wheat or whole grain bread packs the fiber and minerals. Add healthy blueberries kids love and a little vegetable with a cucumber and you’ve practically got a completely balanced meal!

1 serving of Mini Babybel Original semisoft cheese, unwrapped
1 green apple
1 slice of whole wheat bread
1 red bell pepper
1 blueberry
1 cucumber

Start with the Mini Babybel Original cheese on a plate. Cut the blueberry in half and place the two pieces in the center of the cheese for eyes. Use a sliver of red bell pepper for a smile and two thin strips of cucumber for the antennae. Next, halve the green apple and thinly slice it lengthwise. Arrange all but two slices for the body. With a knife or scissors, cut out six foot shapes from the whole wheat bread and place below the apples. Lastly, shave the remaining apple and use the shavings to create grass at the bottom of the plate. 


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