How Do Dental Implants Benefit Your Health?

How Do Dental Implants Benefit Your Health?
Posted on 11/17/2017
Most people who visit us in Spotswood NJ for dental implant
consultations already know that implants can do wonders for improving their appearance. But it’s not widely known that dental implants can do much more than just enhance appearance as they also offer some significant health benefits.

Below are a few ways that dental implants can improve your overall health once they’ve been placed in your mouth. When you take these facts into account alongside the big boost of self-confidence that comes with having implants set, it’s no wonder that implants are considered the “gold standard” in tooth replacement.

Help Maintain Bone Density

When dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone, they naturally fuse with the bone tissue and become an integral part of the jaw structure after healing. Because implants stimulate the jawbone like natural tooth roots do, they help maintain jaw bone density. This enables you to bite and chew food efficiently and properly digest the foods you eat for good overall health.

Improve Gum Health

When you’re missing teeth, the exposed gums act as breeding grounds for bacteria. These open spaces are also more challenging to clean correctly, which raises the risk for recurring gum disease. But when dental implants (and the crowns placed on top of them) fill out these spaces, it’s much easier to clean the gums properly to reduce this risk gum disease.

Save Teeth From Decay 

Having empty spaces between your teeth raises the risk for tooth decay. It’s not easy to properly brush and floss away all the plaque-causing bacteria that clings to the surfaces of teeth that are not surrounded by other teeth. This raises the risk for decay. But when those gaps are filled with dental implants, you can more easily brush and floss all the surfaces of your teeth to lower your chances of developing tooth decay.

Prevent Teeth from Shifting Out of Place

When a tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth will start shifting out of place as there’s nothing present to hold them in place. This gradual crowding of the teeth can misalign your bite, limit tooth function, and make it more difficult to brush and floss. But when you have a dental implant placed in that gap, your teeth cannot shift out of place, for better oral and overall health.

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