Top 5 Dental Tools That You Can Use At Home

Top 5 Dental Tools That You Can Use At Home
Posted on 08/09/2017

At an appointment at Dr. Goldberg’s office, you’ll often find yourself surrounded by different tools and instruments from air powered drills to shiny picks. While some of these dental tools really should only be used by a dentist, others are much less dangerous and can be very helpful in maintaining good dental health in between visits to your Monroe Township NJ dentist.

 While Dr. Goldberg and his expert team do their very best every time you have an appointment at their Monroe Township dental office, whether you’re there for a simple cleaning or a cosmetic dentistry procedure like veneers or dental implants. However, it is still your job to maintain a healthy smile when you are not here. To help with keeping up your beautiful smile, here are some dental tools that will be sure to help.

 #5 Dental Plaque Staining

 Dental plaque staining is the ultimate at home test to see if you are doing a good job brushing your teeth. The process involves chewing a small tablet to coat your teeth with a dye that reveals all of the plaque still left on your teeth after brushing and flossing; this does two things for you. First, it shows you where you missed when you were cleaning so you can improve. Second, it allows you to make sure you get everything you missed by finishing your oral hygiene routine with a “touch up” brushing once you see the areas you might've forgotten. To remove the dye simply brush your teeth or rinse your mouth out a couple of times.

 #4 Mouth Mirror

 A key to maintaining a healthy smile is to know what is going on in there. Brushing and flossing is a must, but we rarely get a good look at the backside of our teeth or our molars. Dental mirrors allow you to get in there yourself and take a good look at what is going on. For instance, let's say you recently had a toothache or weren’t into our Monroe Township dental office to fill a cavity. If you have a mouth mirror, you’ll be able to inspect the tooth a little closer to see if anything is wrong with it or see how your filling is holding up after the procedure. A mouth mirror may not be an essential part of your dental hygiene routine, but it’s certainly handy for periodic inspections.

 #3 Tongue Scraper

 If you notice your breath is consistently smelling a little less than fresh, you may want to consider getting a tongue scraper. Tongue scrapers have been shown to reduce the signs or short term bad breath by dislodging bacteria and fungus from the surface of your tongue. To use a tongue scraper just firmly drag the tool from the back of your tongue to the front to scrape all those microorganisms that have tried to make their home there. One thing to keep in mind when using a tongue scraper in your regular dental maintenance is not to go too hard; the idea is only to remove the outermost layer of bacteria. If you’re noticing chronic bad breath, however, you might want to visit a doctor. Bad breath can sometimes be a symptom of other health conditions.

#2 Interdental Cleaners

Interdental cleaners are great when floss just won't cut it. These cone shaped bristled wands are almost like a toothbrush for in between your teeth and other tight spaces. They are especially good at cleaning your teeth when you’re wearing braces or have a permanent retainer after braces. The bendable cleaning head allows you to curve around wires and get right up against brackets. Another option for interdental cleaners is an oral irrigator or water pick. These work essentially the same way as their bristled brethren but use water as the cleaning device instead of fibers.

#1 Toothbrush & Floss

This fact may come at no surprise, but your toothbrush and floss are the number one way to fight plaque in between your visits to our Monroe Township dental office. To maintain your toothbrushes, optimum performance always replace your toothbrush every three months. Another good idea is to buy soft bristled toothbrushes with small brushing heads. Getting a toothbrush with too hard of bristles and too big of a head can harm your gums as well as become ineffective in those hard to reach places in the back of your mouth.

H2: Make Sure To Visit Dr. Goldberg Regularly!

While if you used all these dental tools, you would be an oral hygiene superstar, they are not enough to maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. Routine visits to a dentist like Dr. Goldberg in Monroe Township NJ are an essential part of any dental hygiene regime. If your next visit is coming up, or you are looking for a new general or cosmetic dentist, contact us today and make your appointment, we hope to see you soon!