Why Are My Teeth so Sensitive?

Why Are My Teeth so Sensitive?
Posted on 09/12/2017

Hot or cold foods and liquids can commonly send shooting pain through our teeth. It is typically a lack of enamel on your teeth but if you have pain from other symptoms like loose teeth, pain while chewing, or swollen gums you may have a severe dental issue. If you have any of the symptoms above, visit your local Monroe Township NJ Dentist. Dr. Goldberg can determine what is going on with your teeth and give you the most appropriate treatment for the cause. Sometimes however, tooth sensitivity comes by itself.

Tooth sensitivity is the result of fluid in tiny tubes of your teeth found in dentin, which is the thin layer of tissue located behind your enamel. Once this enamel is removed it can never grow back, so protect it at all costs and schedule an appointment with your general and cosmetic dentist in Monroe Township, NJ.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity

As stated earlier, your crown or the exposed part of your tooth has a covering layer of protective enamel. Below your gums, your teeth are protected by a material called cementum. Behind each of these layers is dentin, which has tubes that when exposed allow for fluids and other substances to reach nerves. This irritation of the nerves will lead to sensitivity and pain.

Where Did My Enamel Go?

There are a variety of reasons your enamel can wear away. Acidic foods and drinks like orange juice, and tomato-based sauces, brushing your teeth with a little too much gusto, grinding your teeth, and even using at home teeth bleaching kits can wear out your enamel. Prevent damage to your enamel by avoiding acidic foods and drinks, being gentle while brushing, and visiting your local Monroe Township NJ general & cosmetic dentist. Dr. Goldberg can make you a night guard to prevent grinding and can whiten your teeth with a take-home or in office professional teeth whitening system.

How to Repair Tooth Sensitivity

Because sensitive teeth aren’t always caused by a lack of enamel, it is important to first go to your local general and cosmetic dentist in Monroe Township & Spotswood, NJ. Dr. Goldberg will be able to determine what is causing your tooth sensitivity and provide you with the right treatment for the issue. If your enamel is completely worn down, Dr. Goldberg might recommend a crown, or other cosmetic procedure to prevent the tooth from being further hurt. If it’s more severe than just enamel loss, you may need more advanced periodontics like gum grafting. The only way to know for sure is to contact your local Monroe Township, NJ Dentist

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If you are feeling any discomfort or pain in your teeth or jaw, contact our offices to schedule an appointment with our expert team immediately. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about your sensitive teeth. We hope to see you soon!